Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thats Me!

Hi, my name is Nanqu and I’m a sweet loving Malamute though I don’t look like one.  My coloring is called a seal with tan points, which means I look black but my undercoat is silver and I have tan where most have white.  I may be small compared to other Malamutes but I’m just as tough and mama says mouthy but I just like being heard. Mama says my name fits me because sometimes I act just like a polar bear cub and my name means little polar bear.  I like using my paws a lot and sometimes forget to wait and charge through the house and don’t always use my inside voice.

Mama started this blog for me to share different things I’m doing, share taste treat recipes, product reviews and about what my mama is up to.  I live a pretty full life since mama is always taking me to different places and events, plus I’m the boss when it comes to mama’s treat business
At a young age I already took to the computer.  Wasn't I cute?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Not the center of Mama's world anymore

I was the only dog in mama’s life until I was 2 then one stormy night my whole world changed.  It was late and the rain was coming down hard with the wind howling when we heard a noise.  Mama got the flash light and went out to check when she came in so did this grey thing that was soaked, skinny, cold and scared.  Mama said this poor pup would stay the night with us and tomorrow she’d take her to the vet and see if there was a microchip or a listing for a missing dog.  Well no microchip and no one seemed to be missing a pup that matched this one’s description.  We put up flyers with a picture all over to see if we couldn’t find the family. Well she got sick and mama took the pup to the vet and got medicine for Salmon Poisoning.  I was worried cause the pup didn’t want to play or eat.  Mama took really good care of the pup and as the days passed no one called looking for this pup.  After over a week and no one claiming this pup and I was getting along well mama decided to keep the pup.  Ruby is what mama named her and said she was about a year older then me.  Ruby has been part of our family for 2 years now and I think she’s more bossy then me but mama says no.  The only problem is Ruby thinks ALL the toys are hers and is always stealing my toys and sometimes the chewings.  I don’t mind sharing some of my things except my chewy which I hide in mama’s bed….shhh don’t tell Ruby.  If Ruby takes my chewy I just get a toy and shake it in front of her then drop it in the hall.  She usually leaves to take the toy and I get the chewy!!!  Mama laughs about it sometimes. I’m one smart pup!
This is Ruby

She's always doing this. Me trying to look out the window and she has to come and look to!