Monday, December 30, 2013

Taster’s Job is NEVER DONE!!

As many of you know my mama owns Cristina’s Dog Treats and I’m in charge of taste testing EVERYTHING.  Yes, I even taste test each batch mama makes even if I already approved the flavor you just never know when it just doesn’t taste to my liking.  This is a job I take very seriously….Ruby not so much.  I’ve been doing this well….forever.  I can be quit picky and I mean picky but not as bad as one of my predecessors.  His name was Kal and he was one of mama’s first tasters.  If he didn’t like something it went in the trash and that was just from it touching his tongue.  If he really didn’t like it he would go put it in the manure pile!!! Now that is brutal so my spitting them out is nothing. 
Ruby and I are subject to mama experimenting on flavors.  Yep we get to choose the new flavors your pups get to choose from.  This is far from an easy job; I mean some of mama’s flavors are crazy like pomegranate pumpkin with a splash of mint.  I actually watched Ruby to see if anything happened to her when she only took a nibble I sure as woof wasn’t going to try.
Some people call us treat snobs and me a major treat snob but I know what I like and don’t so it’s a complement.  I mean really how can mama say its approved if I ate anything I was handed…I saved so many pups from mama’s weird combos you should thank me.
There are flavors that I like that Ruby doesn’t which is rare. Today mama was working on a chamomile/lavender treat, Ruby wouldn’t eat it, it was okay but mama has some work to do. 
This coming year mama is going to have a panel of other pups to help decide which treats will be offered after they pass MY approval.  It’s kinda like those treat of the month club but ours is going to be called the “Paw Club”.  To begin they will get a sampler pack with some of MY favorites. Each pup will be able to choose the one they like to get every month on top of a sample of NEW flavors before anyone else can get them and a pack of one of our other flavors.  This way pups get to try something new and help mama decided which one of her new creations will be available for ALL pups to try.  When the pups get the sample of the ‘New’ flavor they’ll need their humans to fill out a little questionnaire and then return it.  I told mama she would include a TOY and have a couple levels since she’s ALWAYS creating something new.  Mama is thinking about it and I’ll let you know when she decides.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Help Bring You Pup Home with Microchips

Hi, it’s Ruby here.  Nanqu is off somewhere looking for the “EVIL kitty”.   Many of you know that once upon a time I was a stray rooming around.  I know Nanqu talked to you about our COOL glow collars but I wanted to talk about another safety item all pups should have….Microchips.  I was someone’s pet before and how many of those pups that have gotten lost have people looking for them but never found them.  One of the first things mama did was have me scanned for a microchip (which I didn’t have) and then she put up flyers.  No one claimed me and mama wasn’t going to take me to a shelter so she kept me.  Now if I was chipped the vet would have called the number in and got the contact info for my “old” family.  This would have reunited me with them.   The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice so they are small, yes some can be bigger.  Nanqu got his at a fundraiser event and said it hurt a little but he can be a sissy.  I on the other hand got mine when I went in for my ration shots and I don’t think it hurt at all.  Some of you may be thinking it costs so much but mama said it’s worth it by having peace of mind.  The price can vary from vet to vet for administering it but a lot of the time different rescue groups will have events and offer low cost micro chipping.  We have ‘Home Again’ which is what a lot of vets have the scanner for.  I think they have a multi pup fee but I know that the initial setup is $20.  You can then log onto their website and update your pup’s info. like vet, your phone, etc.  Also if your pup goes missing you can do an alert.  Mama prints off cards with our chip numbers that goes into our emergency pack and then if someone is watching us.  She also has a copy of our chip numbers on her keys just in cases.
Let’s face it tags are great but we can NEVER loss a microchip. 
If your pup goes missing a Microchip gives them a better chance of finding their way back home to you!!!  Mama says if you’re not sure about to chip or not to then think about not only how you’ll feel if you can’t find your pup but how scared, abandon, cold, hungry and lost your pup would feel.  I know I was scared, hungry and sick when mama found me.
No bigger then a grain of rice!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Holiday Wishes

Ruby and I just wanted to Wish Everyone a Happy Holidays and I hope everyone has a safe and fun time today!!
Today we delivered goodies to all our friends.  Now we are going to relax and enjoy our chewies mama got us.  I might even share with Ruby….well give her mine after she got hers started.  That’s nice right??? I think so.

We didn't get snow but today was filled with LOVE!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A simple Puppy Wishs

Tomorrow is a BIG day for most people and pups, filled with family, food and goodies!  Today mama, me and Ruby are going to be delivering some goodies to pups that don’t have anyone.  We’re also going to go see some of the elderly mama regularly goes and see cause they don’t have anyone either.  This makes me really sad but I always feel better after seeing their smiling happy faces.  A couple of the people we see adopted one of the elderly pups, this makes me really happy cause they’ll have each other. 
One of the things I like best about this time of year isn’t all the goodies (even though they are good) but spending time with loved ones that you don’t get to see regularly and how so many people open up their hearts to help those in need even if they don’t have a lot their selves.
My wish is for everyone (pup or human) to have someone that LOVES them no matter what and to have a safe warm place to live.  That isn’t to much to wish for is it??
Well I better go cause our first stop is Nana Meg and she is one you DON’T keep waiting.
Oh, one more thing take time to tell those you care about how much you appreciate and love them.  It’s always nice to do that.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oh Puppy Tree!!

Christmas is supposed to be a happy time of year but it can be dangerous to for us pups.  Many pups find it hard to resist the Christmas tree.  There are all those pretty likes, sparkly string stuff that you say isn’t a pull toy and those things that look like toys hanging all over.  Sometimes a pup can get into trouble by climbing into the tree, tip the tree over and maybe pee on it.  Many people get creative about how to puppy proof.  Our friends have a little one they put on the table out of reach….they have doxies so not much is in reach just saying.  On Facebook someone used their couch to help block then a baby gate across.  However, the pups could go over the couch or pull on the higher stuff.  Another lady puts all the breakable ornaments (that’s what she called them) and then plastic on the bottom.  We also have a friend that gets small trees in a heavy pot then hangs puppy goodies all over…now that’s my kind of tree.   When I was little mama had the tree behind the chair and NO breakable ornaments.  I was allowed to sniff and lay by it.  Mama used it as an opportunity to practice my leave it and since it was so fascinating she had me practice my other commands.  We also played a game of how close could I be to the tree without pulling stuff off.  If I was able to lie next to it I got a special chewy, if not I had to move a way and do something else.  I wasn’t allowed to be around the tree unsupervised which is a good idea.  The little hook things on ornaments can be a chocking hazard or cause a blockage as well as if we chew something we shouldn’t.  We can also get tangled in something; this can be really scary for us. 
Now that I’m older mama has the tree out but at night she puts the x-pen around the tree to block it off so there’s no accident. I like to sit and look at the tree and sniff it when it first comes in but that’s it.  Ruby on the other hand tries to sniff out our presents but mama doesn’t put them under the tree.
So here is what I suggest to help make the tree safer:
  • Use ribbon or string to hang ornaments instead of those hooks.
  • Keep the breakables out of reach.
  • Have your pup do something to take their mind off of the tree.
  • Don’t leave them around the tree unsupervised
  • If need be block the tree off or get one for on the table out of reach.
  • Use items that are safe: pupcorn garland (yummy), doggy treat ornaments...just some ideas
Have a Safe and Pawtacular Holiday!!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Something Sad

I want to talk about something sad but it has to be talked about.  It can be supper hard on our people when we leave them and they get sad.  I’ve seen mama really sad when Jordi left us and even though him and Simba have been gone for several years it still hurts her.  A friend of mine is going to be leaving his family soon cause he is really sick and old.  I know there isn’t anything we can do about this, it just happens.  I think it’s important that our people know that day is going to come but not focus on it even when it is close.  Every minute is so precious and we need to enjoy it while we can.  When mama gets sad Ruby and I show her extra love or let her love and hold use until she’s not so sad anymore.  It’s also important that our people not blame their selves or feel guilty about opening their heart to another pup.  I know mama tried everything possible for Simba and Jordi but also tried to make every moment she had left count for something.  Even though mama would have loved to have kept them longer she knew they were ready to leave and she didn’t keep them. My friend’s family is doing the same, when he tells them he’s ready they will say good-bye.
Mama always says “they are never truly gone because the love and memories of them I hold in my heart forever and I know they are watching over us”
Are we really gone or are we just becoming angels to watch over our humans??
"They are never truly gone those that leave paw prints on our hearts"

Friday, December 20, 2013

No More "EVIL" kitty

Happy Day the ‘EVIL kitty’ is gone!!!  Mama’s friend came over early this morning and set out traps with stinky stuff.  He said it would attract the kitty and it would be REALY hard for it to escape.  Well mama and I went outside to get some firewood when we heard a ‘bang’ noise and screaming.  Mama went over to check and there it was in the trap…it was screaming cause it was so mad!!  I felt kinda bad cause I don’t like being caged but it wasn’t very nice.
Well mama called her friend and he came to get the traps and the ‘EVIL kitty’.  Don’t worry the kitty will go live on his farm.  He said this kitty is mean enough to hunt down those pesky rats.  I’m told that’s natural for kitties and I think it will enjoy that every much.  The traps also catch some other kitties that will get a vet check and go to a nice lady until they get a forever home.  Whenever mama would catch the other kitties she would call this lady and take them to her.  I call her the ‘Kitty Lady’ cause she takes care of stray kitties and finds them loving homes.  Which is really nice cause kitties need love too!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Poor Ruby

Ruby had a scary day with the ‘EVIL kitty’!!! We were outside playing with our ball running around.  It was a lot of fun until it went wrong.  The ball went over by our blueberry bushes and the raised beds for the garden.  Ruby ran after it and as she went to grab it the ‘EVIL kitty’ jumped out and grabbed a hold of her, it wouldn’t let go and she was crying.  Mama and I went running to help Ruby but by then it let go and started to run off.  I went after it while mama checked Ruby.  I wasn’t able to get the ‘EVIL kitty’ and Ruby was okay just really really scared.  She went inside and stayed ALL day, she wouldn’t even go out when I asked her to come play with me.  Now I have had my own run-ins with this kitty and it always lays in wait then attacks.  Mama has tried live traps with tuna but other strays windup in them.  Once mama say it push another kitty into the trap and another it climbed into the trap without getting trapped.  This is one smart kitty. Now I don’t mind kitties except this one…this one is different.
A few months ago I had a bad run-in with the ‘EVIL kitty’ and when I say bad I mean I got hurt.  Usually it jumps on my back with claws which hurts and is scary but this time it slashed my leg open.  Mama had to clean it and doctor it….I was so MAD…I hunted for that kitty whenever I got the chance.  Anyway this is about Ruby not me. 
Finally we go Ruby to go outside to go potty and she would go out only if mama went out to with a flashlight.  We walked out to our potty spot and everything seemed to be okay but that was short lived.  That kitty was in the apple tree waiting and we didn’t see it until it was too late.  Out it jumped onto poor Ruby attaching her AGAIN.  Well this time I was close behind and got a mouth full of hair before it got away.  Mama has a friend coming tomorrow to place some different live traps to catch that ‘EVIL kitty’ and hopefully it works this time.
Let me clear a few things up for all the kitties reading this.  I like to play with kitties but not hurt them.  I try to respect their personal space but grandma is allergic to kitties and people like to abandon kitties by our house which is very sad.  The ‘EVIL kitty’ has been around for a few years; it hurt other kitties and has even attached mama!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!  I’m now 5 so what does that mean???  Mama says I’m supposed to be mature, calmer and actually listen.   I think it means I’ve had 5 years to prefect the “I’m STARVING” look and believe me that takes A LOT of work, you have to get the sad pitiful look just right with the big eyes and ever so slight lip quiver and I like to add a little whine to mine.  You also need to know the perfect time to use it, like when mama has WAY too much on her plate and just doesn’t realize it or a yummy human cookie. 
I also got to go with mama to work for 4 years which let me meet all kinds of people and pups.  I also got to play on the beach almost every day mama had to work.  Sometimes with new or old friends or just mama.  I also got to go with her to the Farmer’s Markets she does.  This is really fun and I enjoy it.  It is hard to be good all the time there and it’s a LONG day.  But if I’m super good mama always buys me some yummy jerky from one of the vendors she knows.
I also have been able to try ALL kinds of yummy goodies.  Yes a lot have been ones that mama has made but mama believes I need to try new things.  Sometimes I like them and sometimes I don’t and I will admit there have been a few times I like something one day so mama buys more and then the next I won’t eat it!!! I had time to think about it and decided I didn’t like it after all. 
Most importantly this Birthday means I’ve had a mama that takes good care of me, wither I’m good or bad, and she LOVES me unconditionally and I’ve loved her back.  She shows me every day how much she loves me. 
I may be getting older put I still have so much more to do and explore!!