Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Take AMAZING Photos!!!

It's finally a little warmer so we got to play outside and mama was busy taking photos....oh boy.  Mama really isn't that good and she says its so hard to get the PERFECT pic especially an action on.  So she got smart and started filming everything.  That's right she takes movies ALOT but you wouldn't know with some of the AMAZING shots she's got of me.  After mama does all the filming she's going to the fun begins.  Windows Movie Maker is her fav. since she can go frame by frame and tell it to take still shots.  Then if it needs touch ups...I never need a touch up..she can use Photoshop to adjust the lighting or remove unwanted objects.  This is how mama got those great shots of me and Ruby doing some flying when we played with the ball the other day!!!  Mama loves this way to cause she doesn't usually have to mess with the flash.  Plus when she films her 4-H group or horse group the kids not only get to see all their photos but watch what they did.  They have gotten some really cool photos that could have been missed otherwise.  So next time try filming your pup in action instead of doing regular photos....we move super fast.  Here's a few great shots mama got!!

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