Monday, December 2, 2013

How I got my Family!!

I’ve been with mama since I was just 6 weeks old and I was very cute and fuzzy!! At the time mama was really sad because she had already lost two of her Dalmatians to old age (Simba and Annie) and Jordi was very lonely and sick.  Jordi hadn’t been alone since he was 1yr old and mama thought a friend would cheer him up, so they started looking.  Mama took Jordi to meet all kinds of dogs that needed homes and he didn’t want to take any of them home.  Mama had almost given up hope at finding Jordi a friend and was doing her best to make him happy.  A human friend had told them about me and my sisters so they came to meet me.  I tried to be gentle, polite and cute but that is so hard for a puppy to do.  Mama didn’t think Jordi really cared and was ready to head home when Jordi started pushing me to mama.  She asked him if he wanted to take me home and Jordi pushed me to the car!!  They took me home; I was scared and excited all at once.  What was life going to be like? Would they love me always?  So many questions that every puppy wonders.  My first lesson was not to potty in the house and not on the bed.  I learnt that lesson my first night when I pottied on Jordi’s bed when he grabbed me and drug me outside and wouldn’t let me come in till I pottied outside.  Mama said Jordi seemed happier and he played with me some but learnt not to jump on him and wait for my goodies cause he was scold me.  3 weeks after mama and Jordi brought me home he got even sicker and passed away.  Mama got really sad and I tried to cheer her up and show her how much I loved her.
That's me and Jordi

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