Thursday, December 19, 2013

Poor Ruby

Ruby had a scary day with the ‘EVIL kitty’!!! We were outside playing with our ball running around.  It was a lot of fun until it went wrong.  The ball went over by our blueberry bushes and the raised beds for the garden.  Ruby ran after it and as she went to grab it the ‘EVIL kitty’ jumped out and grabbed a hold of her, it wouldn’t let go and she was crying.  Mama and I went running to help Ruby but by then it let go and started to run off.  I went after it while mama checked Ruby.  I wasn’t able to get the ‘EVIL kitty’ and Ruby was okay just really really scared.  She went inside and stayed ALL day, she wouldn’t even go out when I asked her to come play with me.  Now I have had my own run-ins with this kitty and it always lays in wait then attacks.  Mama has tried live traps with tuna but other strays windup in them.  Once mama say it push another kitty into the trap and another it climbed into the trap without getting trapped.  This is one smart kitty. Now I don’t mind kitties except this one…this one is different.
A few months ago I had a bad run-in with the ‘EVIL kitty’ and when I say bad I mean I got hurt.  Usually it jumps on my back with claws which hurts and is scary but this time it slashed my leg open.  Mama had to clean it and doctor it….I was so MAD…I hunted for that kitty whenever I got the chance.  Anyway this is about Ruby not me. 
Finally we go Ruby to go outside to go potty and she would go out only if mama went out to with a flashlight.  We walked out to our potty spot and everything seemed to be okay but that was short lived.  That kitty was in the apple tree waiting and we didn’t see it until it was too late.  Out it jumped onto poor Ruby attaching her AGAIN.  Well this time I was close behind and got a mouth full of hair before it got away.  Mama has a friend coming tomorrow to place some different live traps to catch that ‘EVIL kitty’ and hopefully it works this time.
Let me clear a few things up for all the kitties reading this.  I like to play with kitties but not hurt them.  I try to respect their personal space but grandma is allergic to kitties and people like to abandon kitties by our house which is very sad.  The ‘EVIL kitty’ has been around for a few years; it hurt other kitties and has even attached mama!!!

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