Friday, December 20, 2013

No More "EVIL" kitty

Happy Day the ‘EVIL kitty’ is gone!!!  Mama’s friend came over early this morning and set out traps with stinky stuff.  He said it would attract the kitty and it would be REALY hard for it to escape.  Well mama and I went outside to get some firewood when we heard a ‘bang’ noise and screaming.  Mama went over to check and there it was in the trap…it was screaming cause it was so mad!!  I felt kinda bad cause I don’t like being caged but it wasn’t very nice.
Well mama called her friend and he came to get the traps and the ‘EVIL kitty’.  Don’t worry the kitty will go live on his farm.  He said this kitty is mean enough to hunt down those pesky rats.  I’m told that’s natural for kitties and I think it will enjoy that every much.  The traps also catch some other kitties that will get a vet check and go to a nice lady until they get a forever home.  Whenever mama would catch the other kitties she would call this lady and take them to her.  I call her the ‘Kitty Lady’ cause she takes care of stray kitties and finds them loving homes.  Which is really nice cause kitties need love too!!

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