Monday, December 16, 2013

What a Ball

Tennis balls, rubber balls, squeaky balls…….It is so hard to find a good ball to play with.  Ruby likes almost any type of ball, where as I’m not fond of fuzzy tennis balls.  I defuzz those and I break them quickly.  Plus some of the tennis balls aren’t safe for pups to play with.  The ones for that people game can wear our teeth down and they have a gas it them.  Not good at all.

Mama doesn’t let us have squeaky balls cause 1) I don’t like them, 2) Ruby goes around all day and night squeaking it……or until she gets distracted and it disappears.  Hehe I help mama with that trick.  We once got a Whistler from Chuck-It and Ruby actually didn’t like it nor did I.  Mama was able to hear it and she said it hurt her ears.

For a long time the ball that I really liked was called a Turnup from Ruffwear.  It bounced all kinds of places so you never knew where it would go.  I lost mine and mama couldn’t find another so that was a very sad day!  Then Chuck-It came out with a new rubber tennis ball.  I’m sure they had it before I got mine but we don’t get a lot of cool stuff around here when it first comes out unless it’s for the people.  Anyway mama got me one and we tried it out.  It’s orange with a blue strip so easy to see especially in the tall grass.  It also bounces really nice so I can jump after it and have all kinds of fun.

I’ve had mine for 2 years now and it still looks almost new minus the drool from Ruby cause I don’t do that.  Ruby likes to squish the ball in her mouth a lot and it has withstood that plus I sometimes like to roll on it.  Oh, and mama likes how when we play on the sand it doesn’t get all yucky……I don’t like my ball all sandy either.  Also, the drool from Ruby washes off easily and/or dries quick unlike those fuzzy ones.

I have the standard which fits in the basic type chuck-its, but there is a bigger one for big pups and I even saw a little one for little pups.  Plus they have chuck-it’s that fit both sizes which would save on the throwing arm.

I give my Rubber Chuck-it ball 2 paws up and recommend it to any pup that loves balls.
It's mine get your own!!!


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