Thursday, December 26, 2013

Help Bring You Pup Home with Microchips

Hi, it’s Ruby here.  Nanqu is off somewhere looking for the “EVIL kitty”.   Many of you know that once upon a time I was a stray rooming around.  I know Nanqu talked to you about our COOL glow collars but I wanted to talk about another safety item all pups should have….Microchips.  I was someone’s pet before and how many of those pups that have gotten lost have people looking for them but never found them.  One of the first things mama did was have me scanned for a microchip (which I didn’t have) and then she put up flyers.  No one claimed me and mama wasn’t going to take me to a shelter so she kept me.  Now if I was chipped the vet would have called the number in and got the contact info for my “old” family.  This would have reunited me with them.   The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice so they are small, yes some can be bigger.  Nanqu got his at a fundraiser event and said it hurt a little but he can be a sissy.  I on the other hand got mine when I went in for my ration shots and I don’t think it hurt at all.  Some of you may be thinking it costs so much but mama said it’s worth it by having peace of mind.  The price can vary from vet to vet for administering it but a lot of the time different rescue groups will have events and offer low cost micro chipping.  We have ‘Home Again’ which is what a lot of vets have the scanner for.  I think they have a multi pup fee but I know that the initial setup is $20.  You can then log onto their website and update your pup’s info. like vet, your phone, etc.  Also if your pup goes missing you can do an alert.  Mama prints off cards with our chip numbers that goes into our emergency pack and then if someone is watching us.  She also has a copy of our chip numbers on her keys just in cases.
Let’s face it tags are great but we can NEVER loss a microchip. 
If your pup goes missing a Microchip gives them a better chance of finding their way back home to you!!!  Mama says if you’re not sure about to chip or not to then think about not only how you’ll feel if you can’t find your pup but how scared, abandon, cold, hungry and lost your pup would feel.  I know I was scared, hungry and sick when mama found me.
No bigger then a grain of rice!!

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