Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Best Mama Ever

Most pups can say they have the best mama or daddy ever but I think mine is the best.  She’s loves me sooo much and is really smart.  When I was little my paws got burnt and she knew what to do right away.  My feet hurt really bad and mama would soak them and use this stuff called Boo Boo Treatment Gel by Pal Dog and that helped sooth and cool my paws.  They healed within a month.  It helped moisturize my little feet.

I recently went after the “EVIL” kitty and got a cut on my leg.  Mama cleaned it and clipped the hair away then sealed it up enough to hold the cut closed.  Every day it got cleaned and doctored until it was all healed.   I had a bald spot but at least my tail helped hide it and the hair has grown back.  I was sooo embarrassed and really didn't want to go anywhere with mama if people could see my bald spot.

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