Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oh Puppy Tree!!

Christmas is supposed to be a happy time of year but it can be dangerous to for us pups.  Many pups find it hard to resist the Christmas tree.  There are all those pretty likes, sparkly string stuff that you say isn’t a pull toy and those things that look like toys hanging all over.  Sometimes a pup can get into trouble by climbing into the tree, tip the tree over and maybe pee on it.  Many people get creative about how to puppy proof.  Our friends have a little one they put on the table out of reach….they have doxies so not much is in reach just saying.  On Facebook someone used their couch to help block then a baby gate across.  However, the pups could go over the couch or pull on the higher stuff.  Another lady puts all the breakable ornaments (that’s what she called them) and then plastic on the bottom.  We also have a friend that gets small trees in a heavy pot then hangs puppy goodies all over…now that’s my kind of tree.   When I was little mama had the tree behind the chair and NO breakable ornaments.  I was allowed to sniff and lay by it.  Mama used it as an opportunity to practice my leave it and since it was so fascinating she had me practice my other commands.  We also played a game of how close could I be to the tree without pulling stuff off.  If I was able to lie next to it I got a special chewy, if not I had to move a way and do something else.  I wasn’t allowed to be around the tree unsupervised which is a good idea.  The little hook things on ornaments can be a chocking hazard or cause a blockage as well as if we chew something we shouldn’t.  We can also get tangled in something; this can be really scary for us. 
Now that I’m older mama has the tree out but at night she puts the x-pen around the tree to block it off so there’s no accident. I like to sit and look at the tree and sniff it when it first comes in but that’s it.  Ruby on the other hand tries to sniff out our presents but mama doesn’t put them under the tree.
So here is what I suggest to help make the tree safer:
  • Use ribbon or string to hang ornaments instead of those hooks.
  • Keep the breakables out of reach.
  • Have your pup do something to take their mind off of the tree.
  • Don’t leave them around the tree unsupervised
  • If need be block the tree off or get one for on the table out of reach.
  • Use items that are safe: pupcorn garland (yummy), doggy treat ornaments...just some ideas
Have a Safe and Pawtacular Holiday!!!

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