Saturday, December 14, 2013

Keeping Your Pup Safe

One of the worst things about winter is it get dark really early.  This means by the time we get done with our evening walk it is dark.  This can be scary and even more so if you live by a busy road like I do.  Safety becomes VERY important especially for use black guys cause we are super hard to see.  I’ve seen several pups without safety gear and one reflective strip doesn’t count.  I live right on the highway so NO fancy street lights here.  Mama tries really hard to keep use from walking in the dark.  We only walk a little while along the Highway then we go down a side road but people still don’t always pay attention.  Mama also tries to make sure I’m visible even in our yard just in case and I may or may not like to hide and jump out at her which scares her……I’m an ANGEL.

We have tried different types of reflective gear and lights for the collars but I either loose them or mama isn’t happy with the quality/performance. So this year we tried a new brand of glow collar and leash called Litey.  The leash comes in a 5’ length, 4 colors (blue, yellow, green, red) and 3 settings (solid, fast flash, slow flash).  The collar has the same settings and comes in blue, orange, yellow, pink (from the ones we found).  Now most people think red or yellow for safety which may be fine in their area but here it’s not going to get people’s attention.  Mama got me a blue collar and green leash, while Ruby got an orange collar with a red leash.  Yes, they don’t match but when we have them on and flashing people driving by take notice and several have slowed down and moved over. 

The other day I got my collar yucky and mama was able to clean it without worrying about the light stipe.  The battery pack and strip can be pulled out of the collar for easy cleaning then slid back in once the collar is dry.  As for the leash its actually pretty durable if pulled and jerked on.  Ruby put it to the test when she decided she wanted to go play with a kitty on our walk….she can be very naughty.  Mama is very pleased and it helps keep us safe so I’m giving it 2 paws up.

See how bright the leash is.

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