Monday, December 30, 2013

Taster’s Job is NEVER DONE!!

As many of you know my mama owns Cristina’s Dog Treats and I’m in charge of taste testing EVERYTHING.  Yes, I even taste test each batch mama makes even if I already approved the flavor you just never know when it just doesn’t taste to my liking.  This is a job I take very seriously….Ruby not so much.  I’ve been doing this well….forever.  I can be quit picky and I mean picky but not as bad as one of my predecessors.  His name was Kal and he was one of mama’s first tasters.  If he didn’t like something it went in the trash and that was just from it touching his tongue.  If he really didn’t like it he would go put it in the manure pile!!! Now that is brutal so my spitting them out is nothing. 
Ruby and I are subject to mama experimenting on flavors.  Yep we get to choose the new flavors your pups get to choose from.  This is far from an easy job; I mean some of mama’s flavors are crazy like pomegranate pumpkin with a splash of mint.  I actually watched Ruby to see if anything happened to her when she only took a nibble I sure as woof wasn’t going to try.
Some people call us treat snobs and me a major treat snob but I know what I like and don’t so it’s a complement.  I mean really how can mama say its approved if I ate anything I was handed…I saved so many pups from mama’s weird combos you should thank me.
There are flavors that I like that Ruby doesn’t which is rare. Today mama was working on a chamomile/lavender treat, Ruby wouldn’t eat it, it was okay but mama has some work to do. 
This coming year mama is going to have a panel of other pups to help decide which treats will be offered after they pass MY approval.  It’s kinda like those treat of the month club but ours is going to be called the “Paw Club”.  To begin they will get a sampler pack with some of MY favorites. Each pup will be able to choose the one they like to get every month on top of a sample of NEW flavors before anyone else can get them and a pack of one of our other flavors.  This way pups get to try something new and help mama decided which one of her new creations will be available for ALL pups to try.  When the pups get the sample of the ‘New’ flavor they’ll need their humans to fill out a little questionnaire and then return it.  I told mama she would include a TOY and have a couple levels since she’s ALWAYS creating something new.  Mama is thinking about it and I’ll let you know when she decides.

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