Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!  I’m now 5 so what does that mean???  Mama says I’m supposed to be mature, calmer and actually listen.   I think it means I’ve had 5 years to prefect the “I’m STARVING” look and believe me that takes A LOT of work, you have to get the sad pitiful look just right with the big eyes and ever so slight lip quiver and I like to add a little whine to mine.  You also need to know the perfect time to use it, like when mama has WAY too much on her plate and just doesn’t realize it or a yummy human cookie. 
I also got to go with mama to work for 4 years which let me meet all kinds of people and pups.  I also got to play on the beach almost every day mama had to work.  Sometimes with new or old friends or just mama.  I also got to go with her to the Farmer’s Markets she does.  This is really fun and I enjoy it.  It is hard to be good all the time there and it’s a LONG day.  But if I’m super good mama always buys me some yummy jerky from one of the vendors she knows.
I also have been able to try ALL kinds of yummy goodies.  Yes a lot have been ones that mama has made but mama believes I need to try new things.  Sometimes I like them and sometimes I don’t and I will admit there have been a few times I like something one day so mama buys more and then the next I won’t eat it!!! I had time to think about it and decided I didn’t like it after all. 
Most importantly this Birthday means I’ve had a mama that takes good care of me, wither I’m good or bad, and she LOVES me unconditionally and I’ve loved her back.  She shows me every day how much she loves me. 
I may be getting older put I still have so much more to do and explore!!

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