Sunday, December 15, 2013


CHEWIES, CHEWIES and more CHEWIES!!!! This is one of my favorite topics.  Since mama was a Dal mama for so long she is extremely picky about the type of chewies we get.  When most pups get cow ears, bully sticks, tendons we don’t.  Mostly we get sweet potatoes, lamb ears and antlers.  However, mama came across….wait for it…..BISON BULLY STICKS!!!! This means we can have them.  I have tried to tell her that I can have the beef ones but she says NO, so this find is really EXTITING for me.  I see all my doggy friends with their bullies and it would make me sad.  Anyway, mama got me and Ruby each one….I wouldn’t have shared otherwise… try.  Ruby wasn’t so sure to begin with but she might have had the other type before she came to live with us.  I of course took my time chewing it and savoring it.  Ruby did chew on hers and actually chewed hers kinda fast but did leave a little piece that I felt obligated to finish so mama would get us more of these.  Mama did say they were smelly but not overpowering like some other chewies.  Of course they got slobbery and could make some humans say they are yucky and do the ewww thing but what do they expect.  I was helping mama shop for more and found they are available in 6”, 12”, braided, small pieces, rings and even a 30” long one!!!  Oh my 30” of yumminess and mama wouldn’t hear a peep out of me for quit sometime.  Mama wants me to tell you that it depends on each pup as to how long the bully will last.  For me and Ruby it averaged about 40 minutes of quite for mama and that isn’t including my nap I took afterward.  These bullies are made in the US from bison grown in the US.  This is really good since some of the beef ones are imported plus mama is BIG on only buying US products.  We got the ones from Bingo Pet Treats  and are available on Amazon.

Sooo Yummy!!! I'm busy chewing!

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