Saturday, December 21, 2013

Something Sad

I want to talk about something sad but it has to be talked about.  It can be supper hard on our people when we leave them and they get sad.  I’ve seen mama really sad when Jordi left us and even though him and Simba have been gone for several years it still hurts her.  A friend of mine is going to be leaving his family soon cause he is really sick and old.  I know there isn’t anything we can do about this, it just happens.  I think it’s important that our people know that day is going to come but not focus on it even when it is close.  Every minute is so precious and we need to enjoy it while we can.  When mama gets sad Ruby and I show her extra love or let her love and hold use until she’s not so sad anymore.  It’s also important that our people not blame their selves or feel guilty about opening their heart to another pup.  I know mama tried everything possible for Simba and Jordi but also tried to make every moment she had left count for something.  Even though mama would have loved to have kept them longer she knew they were ready to leave and she didn’t keep them. My friend’s family is doing the same, when he tells them he’s ready they will say good-bye.
Mama always says “they are never truly gone because the love and memories of them I hold in my heart forever and I know they are watching over us”
Are we really gone or are we just becoming angels to watch over our humans??
"They are never truly gone those that leave paw prints on our hearts"

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