Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Making Yummy Carob Chips

Every pup mama and papa should know that chocolate is toxic to their pups even a small amount can cause an issue.  Even people can have an issue with this sweet stuff.  How can it be toxic to pups but have so many benefits for people?

What makes chocolate toxic, anyway?
Chocolate is made from the fruit (beans) of the cacao tree. Theobromine, a component of chocolate, is a toxic compound in chocolate. Caffeine is also present in chocolate and a toxic component, but in much smaller amounts than Theobromine. Both Theobromine and Caffeine are members of a drug class called Methylxanines.

So what is a pup to do?  The answer is Carob but tell your people not to get you the store bought Carob Chips.  These aren’t that healthy and contain SOY!! Many pups are allergic to soy and it isn’t as easy for us to digest.  I know there are soo many recipes on line that use carob chips and may be yummy.  Mama has a couple recipes that she uses carob in and there is one that is more of a chuck.  You may be thinking my mama is bad after I told you the chips aren’t that healthy.  My mama is smart and makes her own chips!!!

Makes her own? I need to learn this!!

Since I supervise everything, as any good pup should do cause it might be something for us, I can tell you how.


  • ½ cup carob powder.  Mama said toasted is fine but make sure it only has carob in it.
  • ½ cup melted coconut oil

Directions (Time for mama to get her hands busy)

  • Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
  • In a bowl place the ½ cup carob powder.  You need to have room to mix.
  • Place some coconut into a microwave safe bowl and heat it at small intervals until melted.
  • Measure out ½ cup.  If you have over it will harden back up so no waste
  • Start adding in the coconut oil, mixing as you add.
  • Now you’re going to spread the mixture onto the cookie sheet.  Try to make it even.
  • Place it into the frig to cool and harden.
  • Once it is hard you can cut it into chunks or whatever size you want.

That’s it and it’s a lot healthier than the store bought carob chips.

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