Friday, January 3, 2014

Oh Great!

What a great start to the New Year a trip to the Vet...grr.  Today mama was going to take me for a walk but first we were going to stop by the mailbox.  You have to understand something we live right along the highway so when you read this remember that.  Anyway, we were almost out of our driveway when the neighbor dog bust through his gate and ATTACKED me!  Can you believe that, I try to be nice by running the fence with him and he did that.  Well mama was in a bad place for me to really defend myself and the highway was right behind us.  I was good cause when mama said enough I backed off but he didn't.  Mama got him off of me but he came back at me.  After the third time and the brother coming out scared him back into his yard.  Mama had blood all down her arm and I had it all over my neck.  Mama got me cleaned up but it's hard to tell were my wounds were since I have all that undercoat.  My ear got the worst, mostly from when he grabbed me and tried pulling me into the highway.  My ear kept bleeding and mama said it was bad.  So off to the vet we went, I just wanted to be with mama.  My vet is really nice don't get me wrong but I didn't know what they were going to do and I was in shock from what happened.  The vet started to clip my ear with BIG clippers (they're bigger then mama's) but I didn't like it so he got scissors.  I wanted my ear left alone so I tried to get as flat as I could on the table and push him with my paw but it didn't work.  With how the gashes were on my ear he couldn't put stitches in but he put this wound stuff that helped numb my ear.  Well I came how with antibiotics and wound stuff..shhh.  I have to take the meds twice a day and they may make me sleepy but he didn't want to take a chance.  It does mean that I get yummy food to take my medicine with.  I clearly heard him tell mama I had to eat before I got my medicine and I'm sure (at least I'll tell mama this) he said to make it really yummy.  Well mama is going to wrap my ear at night so hopefully it doesn't start bleeding again...I'm sleepy now so Goodnight every one.

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