Monday, April 7, 2014


Did you know Tillamook now has its own pet store?  Well we do it is located right next to Tangled Yarn on Main Street.  Currently it is painted hot pink and on the left so very hard to miss.  Maybe once everything gets set-up the paint will change…the former shop owner painted that color.  I went in and scoped things out and am very excited to say there are TONS of fun stuff and healthy food.  There is pretty much something for every pet (except livestock) in there.  Yes, there is even things for fish, birds and snakes.  I was happy to see the great food selection and samples are available….very important.  This means people that feed their pups Taste of the Wild can get it locally and no have to drive to Manzanita.  Some of the food I saw was Taste of the Wild, NutraSource, Evangers and Blue Buffalo they are still getting the food organized.  Did I mention the TOYS well they have several choices and this cool floppy one on a stick that mama can swing around that would be perfect for Ruby.  Maybe she would leave my toys alone then…hmmm.  Well you just have to stop by and see for yourself.  Monday – Saturday 10am to 6pm.

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